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High-Concentrate Coral Bath

High-Concentrate Coral Bath

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Rebuild resilience with a grounding and healing amalgamation of roots, clay, and minerals. Use this Forgotten Fruit bath soak to fortify the skin and anchor the spirit before or after times of intensity. 

Forgotten Fruit's herbal bath soak will infuse your bath water with a rich, luscious hue and vibrant aroma, leaving your skin soft and glowing and your mind calmed and refreshed.

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55ml of bath medicine in glass vial with wax-sealed cork.

Creates one to two bath soaks depending on desired concentration.

Forgotten Fruit's herbal bath soaks are made with 100% natural plants and minerals.

Key Ingredients

MADDER ROOT, used since ancient times in Ayurvedic practices, is a powerful herbal skin rebuilder, wound healer and is anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

ZINC OXIDE has also been used since ancient times in the healing of wounds and ailments of the skin. It aids in recovery of burned tissues, treats acne breakouts, and reduces dandruff.

FRENCH PINK CLAY polishes the skin for a refreshed feel and appearance, while binding to and drawing out toxins, and nourishing with essential minerals such as silica and copper.

Full ingredients: Coconut milk, sodium bicarbonate, madder root, french pink clay, beet root, non-nano zinc oxide, palmarosa, and geranium rose.

Self-Care Practice

Dissolve Forgotten Fruit herbal bath soak into a warm, clean bathtub. We recommend submerging your body for a minimum of 20 minutes to maximize benefits.

Take care - Patch test bath soak on your skin and tub before using. Rinse off before drying or use an old towel. May stain fabric.

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