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High-Concentrate Blue Bath

High-Concentrate Blue Bath

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An über opulent Forgotten Fruit bath infusion with a blend of powerful anti-aging ceremonial resins, plants, and oils. Use this bath soak to elicit fresh eyes and creativity, and connect with all things ethereal and ephemeral. 

Forgotten Fruit's herbal bath soak will infuse your bath water with a rich, luscious hue and vibrant aroma, leaving your skin soft and glowing and your mind calmed and refreshed.


More Details

Glass vial with wax-sealed cork. 100% plastic-free packaging.

Creates two to four bath soaks depending on desired concentration.

Forgotten Fruit's herbal bath soaks are made with 100% natural plants and minerals.

Key Ingredients

Full Ingredients: Coconut milk, sea minerals from the Sea of Cortez, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, sandalwood, and jasmine.

Self-care Practice

Dissolve into bath water as hot as is comfortable to you. This will promote sweating and bring blood flow to the skin's surface, enhancing the bath's detoxifying effects. We recommend submerging your body for a minimum of 20 minutes to maximize benefits. Drain bath and immediately follow with Forgotten Fruit High-Concentrate White Bath to revive, remineralize, and oxygenate.

Take care - Patch test on your skin and tub before using. Rinse off before drying or use an old towel. May stain fabric.

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